Explore climate footprints of crops from around the world

What is this?

Most climate calculations are one of a kind, painstakingly performed by a dedicated expert. It's a bit like a monk hand-copying old books, slowly filling up a library. We want to solve the problems of tomorrow with modern technology, using computers to do the calculations.

Most hand-calculated sets of climate data are hidden behind expensive paywalls. We want to do something different, by giving you thousands of computer-calculated footprints for free!

What is included?

These footprints include everything that happens before the product leaves the farm. Transport, processing and storage that happens after the farm is not included.

CarbonCloud will update the footprints when we find better or newer data, new science, or similar improvements.


What's up with the free lunch?

CarbonCloud is a for-profit company that offers a paid climate labeling tool for food producers.

We are releasing all these footprints for free because:

Our labeling tool allows food producers to map up their entire production processes, and provides:

If you are a food producer who wants to work with us, please get in touch using this link.